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6 Ways to Keep Police From Stopping You

One of the best ways to keep police from stopping you is to not give them a good reason to stop you in the first place. Here are the 6 ways to keep police from stopping you:


  1. Keep your car’s registration and inspection up to date
Stay on the right side of the law by keeping your car’s registration and inspection up to date and legal. Law enforcement now has very sophisticated technology to identify citizens who have failed to properly register their vehicle or who haven’t gotten their vehicle inspected properly. This gives police a perfect opportunity to stop you, which opens you up to potential search or arrest.
  1. Keep your car’s insurance valid
In New York State, if you allow your insurance to lapse, legally you may not drive your vehicle and you must return your license plates to the local DMV immediately. If you fail to do this, eventually your driver’s license will be revoked. You will be stopped by police and in many cases may face arrest. Don’t underestimate new technologies that alert officers to expired insurance. You can be stopped even if you’re not speeding and not drawing attention to yourself. License plate scanners are currently in use in New York and are very effective.
  1. Don’t Loiter or Trespass
This is a sensitive subject because many people take their right to assemble in public very seriously. It’s true that you should be able to “hang out” wherever you want as long as you’re not violating any laws or trespassing. But that doesn’t mean police officers will always feel the same way. It’s common to use the reasonable suspicion argument to stop and frisk. Yes, you have a right to be out in public, but if you don’t want to risk being detained, be aware of how your actions will look to police. Tread carefully.
  1. Be Aware of Who You Are With
You may be a law-abiding citizen, but what about everyone around you? There are countless stories of people arrested because they were riding in a car with someone carrying an illegal weapon or drugs. I’ve seen people arrested and searched because they were at the wrong party. You’re free to associate with whomever you want. Just be aware of the possibility of detainment or arrest if you’re in the company of someone violating the law. With successful legal representation, you may untangle yourself from charges you feel you don’t deserve, but the legal process and complications will have an impact on your life in many ways.
  1. Don’t Do Drugs in Public
Because marijuana offenses are being decriminalized across the country, many normally law-abiding citizens feel comfortable smoking marijuana in public. You can walk down the street in large cities and smell the odor of the illegal substance. While it’s true that some states have decriminalized marijuana, it’s a very sensitive issue. Law enforcement may use your marijuana use as reasonable suspicion to search you for other potential offenses. Federal agents may ignore state laws and arrest you. Even though some offenses may have been downgraded, be aware that possession and use of marijuana still provides police with justification to stop and frisk you. If you want to keep police from stopping you, don’t smoke marijuana in public places.
  1. Be Cautious When Initiating Contact With Law Enforcement 
If you’ve contacted your local police to make a complaint, you may find yourself being the subject of a search. Many citizens believe that by calling the police they are putting themselves in a position of power over the situation. This is far from true. When police officers are on the scene, they are in control and may turn an investigation onto you.


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